the original fishAmatic automatic hook setters
      Now you can CATCH MORE FISH the easy way
  with fishAmatic or ice-fishAmatic on your fishing poles


         FishAmatic makes your second pole an automatic fishing pole!
           "It's like having another fisherman in your tackle box".

FishAmatic automatic hook setters are easy to use and catch fish on unmanned fishing poles. For use with your existing fishing rod, or ice fishing pole. The hook will set automatically, as the fish bites, hooking it in the mouth.

Sensitivity settings allow fishAmatic automatic fish catchers to work in many conditions: Fish from shore, dock or boat. Bottom fishing, trolling, in river currents, with live bait, a bobber or a floating jig. 

Use fishAmatic on your second fishing pole, for a child learning to fish, or while you grill food.
With fishAmatic or ice-fishAmatic you can easily see when it's time to reel in a fish. FishAmatic hook setters reduce how often you need to check your bait, they fit in your shirt pocket, work with most fishing rods, and help you catch more fish.

Invented by a retired Agricultural engineer, fishAmatic fishing tackle is so precise it sets the hook in the fish's mouth, before it has a chance to swallow the hook. It's a catch and release fisherman's friend!
 All you need is something to hold your fishing rod, then fishAmatic sets the hook!  Made of stainless steel & nylon, fishAmatic will not rust or rot.



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