the original fishAmatic automatic hook setters
FishAmatic and  ice-fishAmatic videos:

Meet Don, the Inventor of fishAmatic automatic fish hook setters (30 seconds):

9 Year old Halley shows how fishAmatic fishing tackle helps her catch "lots more fish" (90 seconds):

This ice fishing video shows how the
ice-fishAmatic is specifically designed for use with the smaller Ice-fishing rods (2 minutes):

Don the inventor, explains and demonstrates the fishAmatic as he catches a flat head with fishAmatic on his fishing pole (4:26):

  Don's Unique Products gives thanks to: Don, Dan, Halley, Bill and Mike
for all their involvement in the making of these fishing videos.
Creating these videos and posting them on,
YouTube and Google has been very fun and rewarding.

CATCH MORE FISH the fun and easy way
                with fishAmatic on your standard fishing rod or
                     ice-fishAmatic on your ice fishing poles

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