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Daniel shows off his 3 pound catfish he caught with his fishAmatic

We LOVE the fishAmatic!  My son Daniel used the fishAmatic at a pond here in Ocala, FL. Daniel set up one pole with the fishAmatic, freeing him up to use another pole at the same time.  Within minutes, BAM........the fishAmatic snagged the 3 pound catfish Daniel is showing off in this picture.  The fishAmatic makes it easy to fish with two poles at once when we are fishing from the shore of our favorite fishin' hole!  Anyone of any age should have at least one fishAmatic in their tackle box.
Jerry G. - Ocala, FL

Andrew shows off the fish he caught with his fishAmatic in the Pomme De Terre River, just south of the dam in Hermitage Missouri

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your fishAmatic hookset system. Honestly I was doubtful at first but my youngest son Andrew talked me into it. I figured that if it worked at all it might help his fishing. You know how kids are, no attention span, little or no reaction time. Well we rigged up the fishAmatic on his medium action rod, bolted down the rod holder on the dock rail and sat back for "the long wait". Well, that long wait wasn't long at all. In about ten minutes his rod snapped up and immediately bent over! He grabbed his rod and the battle started, when all was said and done we netted this beautiful three (3) pound Channel. As soon as we could bait back up and set up the fishAmatic we got him back in the water. It wasn't a minute or two and
ZING there it went again, this fish was smaller but it fought harder and took longer to land. The smile on my son's face was priceless! The fishAmatic does everything you say it does and more. Now all my friends want their own and I'll admit that this old dog has learned a new trick... and it's the fishAmatic!
Rick A. - Hermitage, MO 
Proud Member of the KCCK Fishing Club
"Kansas City Catfish Killers"
"Semper Fishious"

Remarks from a pleased ice-fishAmatic customer:

Hi, I used your hook setter for ice fishing this past winter at Cascade Idaho and was very pleased at how well it worked as I caught a 20 inch Rainbow and many perch, it worked very well and I will be using it again next winter for ice fishing. I would recommend it for any one who has trouble hooking fish. It should also work great for small children just learning to fish as it hooks fish great.
Marvin V. - Middleton, ID

More comments from happy fishAmatic customers:

 I used the fishAmatic hook setter which gave me a good impression when I watched the video of the 9 years old girl catching the catfish. So, I hooked up the automatic hook setter onto my pole and left it alone cuz I was tired from work. I lay down on the grass to relax next to the pole and after a while, the fishAmatic hook snapped off of the pole and the tip of the pole was rattling up and down. I reeled it in and caught a big catfish at approximately 2 feet long. I was very impressed because the catfish was hooked on the mouth instead of swallowing the bait, so I did it again. Within two hours before my dinner time, I caught 3 big catfish between 1.5 to 2 feet long during my first time using the fishAmatic hook setter.

 I recommended everyone to use the fishAmatic hook setter because it helps to relief the stress of waiting and grab the pole to catch the catfish by yourself.
Viet Le - Wichita, KS


Works like magic! I caught more fish while using fishAmatic.
Ben at Johnston, IA Bait & Tackle


"I caught an 8 lb catfish with fishAmatic the second time I used it. It allows me the opportunity to help my kids fish while having a fishAmatic set to fish for me on a different pole."
Tom Briel, Assistant Service Mgr, Hummel's Nissan, Des Moines, IA


hey just this old southern boy  saying  I sure think that this thing is for real. great product. and thank you.
sho- nuff  (Buddy,  Chipley, FL)

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