the original fishAmatic automatic hook setters
  FishAmatic and ice-fishAmatic  published news articles:

Don a retired engineer, explains for The Des Moines Register how he invented the original fishAmatic automatic fish hook setter. Then how he caught twice as many fish using fishAmatic on his fishing poles, while doing yard work:

Don explains for Sioux City Journal how he invented the fishAmatic automatic fish hook setter, then used it to catch more fish with his fishing rods, while working on the lawn:

The inventor Don, explains for Zapata County News, how he thought up the original fishAmatic fish hook setter, then caught twice as many fish on his fishing rods using fishAmatic while doing yard work:

I remember way back, when my father Don came home
from fishing and doing yard work at my brother's lake home.
He showed me the original fishAmatic for the first time
 and told me how he caught more fish than ever before,
 while working on the lawn. I was amazed...
A truly simple, yet ingenious way to easily catch more fish!
FishAmatic fits in your shirt pocket and uses the stored energy
in a bent fishing rod to set the hook, as the fish bites.

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